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The Security Problem

Cybercrime is now a global issue, with attackers on one continent increasingly able to launch criminal activity on another. Data breaches are continually increasing and no organisation, large or small, is immune from the threat. A company can find itself operationally crippled for a lengthy period of time after an attack, and the commercial, reputational and financial costs are immense. With cyber criminals using increasingly sophisticated and targeted attacks against organisations the need for business specific security measures is essential. One size does not fit all and firms are often unaware of the security measures, standards and regulatory practices they need to adopt for their particular industry. With the relentless advance in technology and ubiquitous mobile computing, there has never been a greater requirement for a unified approach to cyber security.

How We Help

After decades of providing cyber security and secure communication services to a diverse range of industries we know each area needs to be treated differently. Our experience protecting data and systems for the defence, military, healthcare, medical, nuclear and banking and financial service sectors has led to a substantial knowledge base. 

Our data analytics and data modelling experience is integral to our ability to analyse systems for potential threats. We research threats and intrusions from diverse areas and bring this together with our data modelling expertise. It means we can check for behaviour patterns and use these to help predict possible intrusions. Our vulnerability and security assessments therefore, are not just looking for generic weaknesses and threat possibilities, but consider novel, emerging and specific targeted attacks.

We take a unified approach to security.

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Cyber Security and Secure Communications Specialists

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