Data Analytics and Models

Making data analytics work for you

How analytics can help

Data analytics and data modelling is something we have been involved with for many years.

The models we build are used to demonstrate behavioural patterns, psychological patterns, trend analysis, risk profiling and statistical analysis for healthcare, security, counter-terrorism and cyber strategy.

Through a combination of research and practical application we have developed models that exploit the most advanced analytic techniques such as text analytics, semantic analysis, linguistic analysis, machine learning, predictive analytics, data mining, statistics, and natural language processing.

Our data analytics and models are in use in many fields. We have developed models used by law enforcement and counter-terrorism to detect behaviour patterns and risk profiles. In the area of medicine and healthcare they have been utilised for many purposes from analysing patient risk to detecting system threat potential. In telecommunications and secure communications we have innovated solutions covering areas such as threat counter measures to service provisioning and cell analysis. Many safety critical and mission critical systems have incorporated data models we have developed that statistically analyse the probability of dangerous faults.

We have created threat models from extensive data banks that cover areas such as disaster response and combat activity.

All of this places in a strong position to combine a data analytic practice with our security experience, meaning we can produce data analytic models to measure vulnerabilities and predict threats to counter the cyber security issue.

Our data analytics team is as diverse as the fields we cover. We have people with skills in cryptography, security, data science and informatics, data mining, safety software and psychology.