Global Protection

BBS IT Associates and BBS Translation Service

Global protection for information and systems

These days information and systems cross several borders. This can create a host of problems for organisations needing to work with multilingual collateral and assets, not to mention international patents, standards and difficulties with IPR. None of this makes securing data and creating a solid security strategy easy. Our unified approach is truly global and we are used to dealing with international authorities, regulators and governments.

We are able to provide complete global protection no matter where data is stored or where the infrastructure resides. This opens up many opportunities for our clients who would otherwise miss out on worldwide trade.

Language barriers do not pose a problem to us or our clients as we have access to expert translators and interpreters through another BBS company, BBS Translation Service. This is beneficial to any of our clients who need to be sure that confidential information is handled securely within the same company. Visit the web page for more details: