Secure Software Assessments

Secure software

A secure software assessment can provide the answers you need

We have been developing secure software needed in environments where safety and security are paramount concerns for decades. Those skills, combined with our cutting edge analytics and modelling expertise, makes us well placed to independently verify third party development.

  • Architecture and Design reviews - we use best practice to highlight common vulnerabilities and identify 'hard to find' weaknesses. We drive out individual design issues that are likely to lead to threats
  • Architecture, design, code, test and system threat models
  • Source code reviews - our expertise in formal and technical code reviews is extensive. We know the areas prone to weakness and where vulnerabilities are likely to be. Again our research and practical application of trend analysis and pattern models gives us an almost unique position in reviewing code for defect cluster and propagation
  • MAST, we measure the depth of testing and vulnerability analysis to determine the level of application criticality
  • Development and lifecycle assessment. We assess all SLDC phases to identify weaknesses and suggest improvements to make sure security is 'built-in' throughout. Changes in process lead to significant cost savings as opposed to a dependency on tests to highlight weaknesses
  • Penetration testing

A secure software assessment carried out by us can provide you with the answers you need. There are many benefits, not only does this give our clients an independent viewpoint that supplies objective analysis of quality, it provides return on investment by highlighting any issues and remedial actions before those issues become costly problems.