Incident Response

Incident response means rapid action

Critical Incident Response

The need for incident response has never been greater.

Whilst prevention is better than cure, unfortunately targeted attacks are becoming so sophisticated that security incidents are on the increase and will continue to grow. In the past few years we have witnessed a change from random incidents, even what might be described as 'hit and hope' intrusions to advanced targeted attacks where the consequences have been far reaching and extremely serious. The impact on finances and reputation are costly enough but the emerging threat landscape proves there are growing dangers to individuals and groups from cyber criminals aggregating data from a variety of sources.

More than ever, from the smallest company to the largest organisation, need a process and a strong capability to combat emerging and evolving threats.




How we can help with incident response

We offer a full incidence response management service that gets you back to business quickly.

We provide a proactive service to minimise and eradicate threats and a reactive offering if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a security breach.

Our proactive approach is a comprehensive management plan beginning with a full incident risk and threat assessment. We then develop the plan and procedures to deal with any compromises. All relevant staff are then briefed and trained in incident response management.

For organisations or businesses who suffer a breach we offer an emergency incident response service. No matter how small or complex the breach, we act to minimise the chaos, disruption, damage, time and impact caused by exploits. Our response might be a mix of onsite and offsite analysis. We coordinate the response activities, carry out incident surveillance, analyse malware and determine the extent of any reverse engineering. If evidence gathering will be needed for legal reasons we provide a full Digital Forensics practice.