Security Assessments

Maintaining strength through security assessments

A security assessment needs to be fully comprehensive.

Threats, vulnerabilities and attacks come in many shapes and forms. Our security assessments go beyond the obvious to provide a totally comprehensive and unified approach to security management.

Understanding and taking pro-active measures against emerging and novel threats is all part of our analytics expertise. Years of experience developing threat models means we assess every aspect of your procedures and infrastructure and not just the areas that security assessments commonly deal with.

A security assessment differs from a vulnerability assessment in that it is part of an Information Assurance activity. The assessment involves identifying the various information assets that could be affected by a cyber attack. We investigate hardware, systems, laptops, customer data and intellectual property. We follow this by identifying the various risks that could affect any of those assets. A full risk estimation and evaluation is completed. Our team will select the controls necessary to treat the identified risks.  We continually support by monitoring and reviewing the risk environment to detect any changes to your organisation.  

  • A full Requirement Study and Situation Analysis
  • How well defined a Security policy is and if necessary the creation or update of one
  • Complete and thorough Document Review
  • Comprehensive Risk Identification and mitigation
  • Vulnerability Scan - as per our vulnerability scanning and assessment service
  • Data Analysis
  • Report & Briefing to all key stakeholders
  • Training and support to maintain detection in depth and defence in depth

This service is backed up with complete Information Assurance support from our CCP and CISP team. When you need a complete and unified approach to security assessments talk to our professionals.