Digital Forensics

Digital forensics

Digital Forensics

Our Digital Forensics Service

Digital forensic analysis is a highly specialised area requiring specific skills and training. The legal aspects are complex and the way evidence is collected needs to strictly adhere to the judicial process. Our digital forensic capability is staffed by the most experienced analysts who work within the strictest methodologies. Typically we deal with data theft, intellectual property theft, system, application and network attacks, reverse engineering analysis, difficult to detect compromises, employee and sub-contractor misuse, external compromises and malware analysis.

We provide a full computer forensics service

  • Computer forensics
  • Mobile device forensics
  • Cell site analysis
  • Call data analysis
  • Attribution investigations
  • Mobile phone examinations
  • Data cleansing and formatting
  • Audio & visual enhancements
  • Onsite investigations
  • Data collection
  • Forensic readiness planning

We have been providing digital forensic services for well over a decade to a broad cross section of private and public sector clients. Our secure communication expertise gives us insights into incidents and methods not commonly available in purely commercial environments.  Our knowledge of data capture ensures that the evidence we produce is to the highest evidential standard and is suitable for criminal, civil or regulatory use.

What to do if you suspect an attack

Call a digital forensic service immediately

Whether you choose to call us or another digital forensic service, make sure you speak to an expert urgently. Time is of the essence and in the unlikely situation that we cannot respond immediately we will recommend the services of those that we know are experts in this field.

For most types of investigations preserving digital data is vital, and inexperienced staff trying helpfully to collect information can seriously impair this. It is essential that digital evidence is properly preserved immediately after any serious breach.

If you are going to need to present evidence the imaging of computers and associated media needs to be handled with extreme care.  Capturing this data using forensically sound methodology is critical if the integrity of any subsequent investigation is to be maintained. Standards need to be followed.

Do NOT switch on a device if it is already off

For devices that are on and appear to display suspicious behaviour, call an expert immediately.

Please isolate equipment under examination from any network connection, this includes Bluetooth, wired or wireless.

Using a digital forensics service will help you minimise the impact of a serious breach and provide the evidence needed to pursue a legal case.